Pope Francis denounces ‘restorationist’ orders bursting with young people

‘When they tell me that there is a congregation that draws so many vocations, I must confess that I worry.’ – Pope Francis

As I’ve mentioned before, why would we dissuaded our youth from looking for a deeper relationship with Christ and the Mass when we loose 80% of our youth from the Church by the age of 18?  Do we only want a certain “type” of Catholic who is open to the growing reforms?  We saw this approach before with the Brown Shirts.

Watch carefully what is said and the agenda of the upcoming synod on the youth.  Make sure you read the opening speeches.  This is where you will see the true agenda set.  The synod will simply be a way to talk everyone into supporting it or generating enough media attention to slide it through.  Seems pessimistic but it just happened in the synod on the family.  Don’t believe me then read the opening speeches.

Source: Pope Francis denounces ‘restorationist’ orders bursting with young people


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