German Cardinal: It’s ‘very clear’ the Pope backs our stance on Communion for ‘remarried’

‘I think there is a clear position and the line of the Pope is very clear,’ says Cardinal Marx.

The large and influential German conference of bishops just this week released a formal statement supporting and directing their parishes to allow the Eucharist for civilly remarried.  This just after the Vatican’s office on faith and morals headed by Cardinal Mueller just said that was impossible based on doctrine, Church teaching, and Tradition.

Outside of officially declaring them as formally being in schism with Church teaching what will Cardinal Mueller or the Pope do?   Wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…wait….zzzzzzzz.  We are clearly seeing a corruption of the teaching on Sensus Fidelium, conscience, and the dismantling of the authority of the papacy.  Can you imagine how many papacies it will take to pull back this protestantized decentralization? No wonder shared communion with the Lutherans seems so imminent.  We are becoming just one more Christian community among many.  Pick your flavor.

Source: German Cardinal: It’s ‘very clear’ the Pope backs our stance on Communion for ‘remarried’


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