Ugliness and Faux Outrage at the D.C. Women’s March

On the Saturday following Trump’s inauguration the capital was clogged with another mass rally—the Women’s March on Washington. At first described as “spontaneous” by the media, it gradually leaked out that the whole thing had been planned—by Planned Parenthood, NARAL, CAIR, Move-On, and approximately fifty left-wing groups infused with cash from rich [Mr] Soros.

There is a bit of opinion and jabber in this article but I highlight it for two reasons:

  1. It highlights something we need to keep in mind instead of getting worked up and confused by the screaming and profane masses.  There are plans, people, and lots of money behind these events. This is where our attention should be drawn.  They don’t represent spontaneous reactions from the masses.  They are often staged, coordinated, and scripted as a way to reach a larger audience through the media in attendance. Beware what you see on the surface.
  2. It highlights a “fourth wave feminism.”  Do some research.  It is good to know they’re agenda.  It is a mass media process specifically targeting the uninformed through the internet and social media. It is also trying to redefine itself beyond the use of the term feminism because of its gender binding and promoting a union between politics and spirituality to combine the feminist camps that oppose each other over religious issues like abortion.

knowing more might not change anything but it might at least help you understand.

Source: Ugliness and Faux Outrage at the D.C. Women’s March – Crisis Magazine


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