Step 4 of 5: New Order of Malta Government Shares Its Vision for the Future

Re-instated Grand Chancellor Albrecht von Boeselager outlines his priorities as Pope Francis appoints his Special Delegate to the ancient chivalric Order.

Here is step 4 of 5.  This plays into the establishment of a Vatican directed humanitarian order that can extend the Pope’s wishes about immigration, ecology, social issues, and saddle up to the UN uncatholic policies while at the same time placing the orders significant funds squarely in the hands of the German association.  The chancellor’s statement is similar to what one may hear after a corporate takeover.  Within a few months you will see how they clean house.

This is all interesting in light of this weeks German Conference of Bishops formal statement on reception of the Eucharist by civilly remarried, the attacks by the pope on those resisting this reform, and the diminishment of Cardinal Burke…the one squarely in the Popes sites.  Here is what happened to Cardinal Burke who didn’t do anything wrong:

Following the appointment of Archbishop Becciu as the Pope’s special delegate who will assume most, if not all, of Cardinal Raymond Burke duties as patron of the Order, he said the cardinal’s future would be “left to the decision of the Holy Father” and added that the Pope’s specially appointed delegate, announced last week, would be his “spokesman for the Order for the time being”

Why is Cardinal Burke being removed again?  I think it’s obvious.  The final step 5 is yet to happen.  Here’s my take…Archbishop Becciu who now has all the authority to “bring the Order into the 21st Century”, to renew the spirituality of the Order, and change the Order’s constitution is named to replace the Grand Master by popular vote.

Source: New Order of Malta Government Shares Its Vision for the Future


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