How the ordinary form of the Mass can “enrich” the extraordinary form

In Summorum Pontificum, Pope Benedict hoped the celebration of the extraordinary and ordinary forms of the Mass would be “mutually enriching.” So what healthier elements of the ordinary form might benefit the extraordinary?

For those looking for ways to move closer to the Extraordinary Form of the Mass this article suggest some great ways to do just that.  The author is clear and direct with his suggestions and they appear to be reasonable steps rather than risky leaps. It also highlights ways the EF can be assisted by elements from the Ordinary Form.  Hmm, maybe this process would get us to where the Vatican II council fathers really wanted us to be.

Source: How the ordinary form of the Mass can “enrich” the extraordinary form


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4 responses to “How the ordinary form of the Mass can “enrich” the extraordinary form

  • bgpery

    I totally disagree, the mess made with the post-conciliar liturgy was due to liturgical archeologists with a bad case of tinkeritis. Now is not the time to let them loose on the EF with their papercutters, paste, whiteout and typewriters.

    Any modification of the older liturgy should take place the way it always has in the past, through natural organic development. Prayer+time.

    Additionally, certain of the specific suggestions are questionable on grounds that they are merely opinionated personal preferences of Fr. Stravinskas.

    • Rob Brock

      I understand your concern. I would suggest the article highlights ways to walk a parish from the OF to the EF in understandable and small steps to assure what you’ve mentioned doesn’t happen. As we know a complete transition back to the EF is now almost impossible for many parishes. To me it appeared to be a way to build a bridge but your concerns are well founded by recent history.

      • bgpery

        The way I read it was as suggested alterations to the EF. In reality celebrating the OF with certain permitted traditional options is what he describes.

        If I can offer a bit of my personal experience. I direct a small Gregorian Schola, we sang for 5 years at a Sunday OF Mass. Though we had passive allowance from the pastor, every single step in a traditional direction required negotiations. Now we only sing at the EF which only happens on First Friday’s. There are no options to argue over.

        I think for the gradual approach to work the pastor needs to want it be willing to explain it and when necessary put his foot down.

      • Rob Brock

        We’re going through the same process. I agree with you. The pastors support and championship has been critical to our changes. I hope you see continued success.

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