UPDATE: The Pope Is Silent, But Cardinal Müller Speaks


I have to say I’ve appreciated Cardinal Muller’s orthodoxy and teachings over the years on a number of topics important to the faith but I’ve been a bit dumbfounded and disheartened of late with either his silence or skirting of the Amoris Laetitia issue and the dubia questions.  In one of his lasted interviews we heard that he could answer the dubia only if asked to by the pope which wasn’t going to happen and after that he even said he didn’t see a crisis that would require the questions to be answered. How sad and disappointing from someone who I felt stuck his neck out for the truth when he needed to.  Maybe the sacking of three of his staff by the pope was a shot over his bow to hold his tongue or else.

Well it seems a little of my favorite Cardinal Muller showed up during an interview Wednesday, Feb 1st.  I can’t say he really answered the dubia but he was clear on the point that bishops who aren’t sticking with Church’s teaching are wrong and not interpreting AL correctly.  He holds that adultery is and always will be an objective mortal sin and civilly remarried Catholic’s who aren’t living as brother and sister can’t receive the Eucharist BUT he stops short of calling into question the ambiguity of chapter 8 and says AL holds to Church teaching if read completely and within a well formed understanding based on Scripture and the Tradition of the Church.

What does it all mean.  It seems Cardinal Muller was able to communicate a small correction in the hopes of not raising to many eyebrows in the Curia and without condemning AL.  We laity are left with an authoritative voice on the faith which has upheld the Church’s teaching. Let’s see if there are any fireworks but I do doubt his comments will mean anything to the bishop who are already off the reservation. We shall see…keep you eyes open.

Source: The Pope Is Silent, But Cardinal Müller Speaks. Who Responds To the “Dubia” This Way


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