Pope told Knights of Malta chief to call out Cardinal Burke in his resignation letter

Pope Francis didn’t just reinstate the condom-promoting Knights official. He made him more powerful than before.

I told you to keeping your eye on this…step #3. Just one more to go.

Its like standing on the sidewalk watching a collision happening in slow motion.  Now we have our Pope stepping into the sovereign politics of a legal state while requesting that the guy who stood up for the Church’s teaching, by condemning the Orders distribution of condoms, to resign on the spot and “oh by the way” asking him to blackball Cardinal Burke in the same resignation letter.  What an HR fiasco.

This is juicy enough you could make a James Bond movie from it.  The sad part is that the Church is getting another black eye from again not supporting one of the Church’s teachings nor those who trying to uphold them.  Instead it’s supporting the distribution of contraception or at least their “good buddy” who’s doing it. It must be another one of those “new horizon” reforms.

Source: Pope told Knights of Malta chief to accuse Cardinal Burke in his resignation letter: report


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