Boy Scouts: Gender Identity Is New Standard for Admission

The move could add new difficulties for Catholic sponsors of scout troops trying to adapt to the organization’s relatively new policy on homosexuality.

This move will likely force the Church’s hand to choose either to support homosexuality and transgenderism or visibly stand against.  Having affiliations at the local and diocese levels with the Scouts and their new policies will de facto show a behavior of acceptance which will be used in court against us when we are trying to manage staff and program content.  Just think of the bathroom issues now in our parishes that we have faced this year in our schools.

We need to pull the plug, stand for our faith, and promote alternate scouting programs for our boys and girls.  There are many good ones out there so the real issue is an unwillingness to try or the fear of a Catholic parents backlash. Hmm, why would a Catholic parent do that?

Source: Boy Scouts: Gender Identity Is New Standard for Admission


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