What liberal intellectuals get wrong about transgenderism

Nottingham’s council house flies the LGBT flag for IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia) (PA)

The article suggests and provides multiple reasons why we might soon expect a backlash to the extensive liberal crusade from which we’ve experienced a recent crescendo of transgenderism and its progress toward gender elimination.  Yes, I used the right word because the ultimate result of these liberal novelties is the suppression of sex and gender.  Just like they say in the Incredibles movie, when all genders are possible no gender will be possible.  Actually they said when everyone is special no one is special but you get my gist.

The article also provides a thoughtful review of the topic and a good primer for those wanting to understand the talking points a little better.  What should be recognized is that intellectual sparring on this topic, so popular in our institutes of mediocre learning, is limited to a vary few.  The broader activist crowd isn’t interested at all with rational dialogue.  For them success isn’t diversity it is acceptance and acceptance is conformity.  This is the liberal Achilles heel because our bodies and those of any future generation will continually tell the story of gender.

Source: What liberal intellectuals get wrong about transgenderism


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