Order of Malta Votes in Favor of Accepting Festing’s Resignation

Albrecht von Boeselager reinstated as Grand Chancellor; Order to elect new Grand Master “soon”.

When this story broke I encouraged you to keep an eye on it given it’s similar dynamics and behaviors we are also seeing in the Curia’s mandatory requirement of obedience or replacement, the replacement of priests in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under Cardinal Mueller and in the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments under Cardinal Sarah (don’t even think about what reforms can happen if you control both of these congregations), and the recently odd selection of Cardinals. Not to mention the consistent demonizing of cardinals, priests, and laity not inline with the “new horizon” or who are in support of clarifying Amoris Laetitia by answering the dubia.

Not only has the whistle blower, the Grand Master, been required to turn in his resignation requested directly by the Pope himself this week but the Grand Chancellor, who was removed for being involved in the Order passing out contraceptives, was reinstated (go figure).  The Pope will also be assigning a delegate to take charge of renorming the Orders spirituality.  The issue of the Channcelor being personal friends with three of the Vatican’s short lived commission was never addressed nor their connection to a 118 million dollar endowment.

So here’s the next thing to look for.  It’s suggested that the German association of the Order is pursuing power and money by maniplating the recent events.  Will we see someone from their association or sympathetic to them selected as the new Grand Master thus cementing the upper ranks of the Order? Will we see these positions filled by men who don’t take the oath of poverty?  Who will be the Vatican delegate and is he a priest from the German conference?

keep your eyes open. You know what they say about the details?

Source: Order of Malta Votes in Favor of Accepting Festing’s Resignation


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