California Shifts Approach to Child Prostitution, and Church Steps in to Help

A new state law decriminalizes underage prostitution for the minors involved, while retaining penalties for the adults who exploit them.

I highlight this article for a few reasons.

  1. Of all we hear coming out of California this seems like a reasonable law.  Time will tell if the approach works but it should, given it relies on a rehab model used for many other situations such as for single moms.  It is critical for good intentions to be supported by the appropriate levels of social service availability which seems to be in question.

  1. A state that continually attacks our Catholic faith is now relying on Catholic charities to make the law work.  It points out that once you go beyond elitist ideologies often behind California laws it takes the real work of the Church through hospitals, social services, and schools to make things work.  The Church is the forever unsung hero in this story.
  2. The issue of prostitution and pornography is a cancer in our country which often and more commonly starts with children and grows into adulthood both as exploited and exploiters.  It’s often said that the Catholic vote if organized could easily vote in the next president.  I think we saw this effect with president Trump.  Think what might happen if every Catholic committed to fighting pornography and prostitution.

Its a curse that extends through generations and one tied to our understanding of ourselves and others in Gods eyes.  Consider reading up on Theology of the Body and starting a TOB study in your parish. As we see people and ourselves differently we will treat ourselves and others differently.

Source: California Shifts Approach to Child Prostitution, and Church Steps in to Help


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