Grand Master of the Order of Malta Offers Resignation

Order’s governing council must still vote to accept the resignation; Vatican says Pope will appoint a Papal Delegate to head the Order.

Odd happenings here. You’ll want to keep an eye on this.

The events are as follows: the grand chancellor is basically fired for being involved with handing out contraception; the grand master (selected for life) steps in; the chancellor complains to Rome; Rome sends a commission to investigate; the grand master rejected Rome’s involvement with the Orders internal matter; Rome brings the grand master to the Pope and within a short meeting the grand master resigns; now Rome will assign a delegate to replace him.

Seems like a corporate take over.  Will the Order stop giving out contraception?  Will Rome now control the order and its extensive bank accounts?  Why did the grand master resist Rome then resign after one meeting with the Pope?  Will the chancellor get his job back? Interesting times we live in.

Source: Grand Master of the Order of Malta Offers Resignation


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