Population Controllers to Pontificate at the Vatican – The Catholic Thing

Invitation by the Vatican to Paul “The Population Bomb” Ehrlich to speak there about birth control.

The world around us, even those in significant positions in our Church, seem to be going insane.  You might say, “Rob, what on earth do you mean?”  Well, I’m glad you asked.  Take the fact that our Church, which teaches abortion is a mortal sin, is asking the poster child for the global push for population control to come and present at the Vatican, to a group of well educated Church academics and priests, a talk on how to save our planet.  Hmmm…I’m thinking part of his talk will be on population control (aka abortion) and its impact on our biosphere. So the Church wants to pay someone to come and profess abortion as a solution.

The extremely crazy part is…..okay, wait for it….all of his predictions have been proven as completely false over the years but he keeps being paid to say them.  I guess it’s true. If you say something enough it will become true.

I wonder if the Vatican will pay me to come and hum silly tunes during the breaks if I cover myself in maple leaves and call myself the Maple King.  I’m eco-friendly, really.  I will only use leaves that have fallen of their own accord.

Ask yourself, how isn’t this causing scandal?  A house divided can not stand.  Didn’t someone like Jesus say that?

Source: Population Controllers to Pontificate at the Vatican – The Catholic Thing


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