Malta: The next but not final step of Amoris Laetitia

Fr. Murray on the Maltese bishops: The Church doesn’t supply “get-out-of-jail-free cards” to those who think the law is void in their cases.

It is interesting that those calling for the opening of the Eucharist to the civilly remarried, out of a erroneous sense of mercy, seem to want to ignore all the objective choices that were taken to get to this point and don’t want to consider the effect on their souls of ongoing sin. This may seem like it’s only about allowing sinners to receive Christ but frankly the root attack is to deny sin all together and rub Christ’s nose in it…it is in fact stepping on and denying Christ, who is truth, as we see done in the new movie “Silence.” The cock crowing is the sign of our time.

We must remember that, like it or not, that a Catholic married couple have been well informed of the Church’s teaching during marriage prep and didn’t care when they got their civil marriage. I can hear it now “Father, I don’t think I’ve sinned but I want your forgiveness any way. I cheated on my taxes and because it saves my family money I plan to keep cheating on my taxes. ‘My son, you’re okay. Don’t worry about it.'”

Cardinal Mueller recently said he didn’t see anything happening that required a correction in the Church.  I guess the clear rejection of the Church’s teaching by Malta isn’t enough.  How bad does it have to get?

Source: Meltdown in Malta – The Catholic Thing


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