Did Canadian Bishops “sacramentalize” direct killing, euthanasia, assisted suicide? | Fr. Z’s Blog

This has been bouncing around the blogosphere but I thought Fr Z has done a great job clearing away the cultural fog to reveal and comment on the Gospel truths that are being twisted and trampled on by these 10 Canadian Bishops. Imagine the number of souls in their care put at risk by their bending to the political agendas blazing across Canada. Since Fr Z did such a great job I would only like to raise these points for you to ponder:

  1. Are we seeing a resurrection and rebranding of the progressive “Spirit of Vatican II” as the distorted “Spirit of Mercy”?
  2. Have synods, personal letters, and media interviews by and from Church officials become the new norm for declaring magisterial teachings. A social media “divide and conquer” approach?

  3. Can we see reflections of the late 1500’s English Reformation in the events today and especially how the bishops are reacting? Is there a virtual schism already happening? What would John Fisher and Thomas More say?

  4. How important are Cardinal Burke’s dubia questions to this topic? Why do you think they are being ignored?

  5. All issues of life are important. How should we truly treat them with respect rather than simply emotion?



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