2016: The year Pope Francis finally showed his hand

“2016 marked a dramatic turning point in the pontificate of Pope Francis. It may be called the year of the great awakening.”

I’m not sure if everything hit the fan in 2016 but one could say, after reading through the lengthy list of events nicely listed by date in the article, that there are a lot of things to consider and not a few of them that suggest a trend.

The article is useful if for nothing else than the listing of each action or statement and a useful link to read further if something needs a little more clarity.  As always opinion’s abound, we all have them, but it’s not useful to stay ignorant especially when the Church is in such great need of your prayers for healing.  Understanding the truth and praying may be the most merciful thing we can do.

Source: 2016: The year Pope Francis finally showed his hand


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