A “Merciless Assault on Human Dignity”

In Ontario today, doctors who decline to euthanize their patients are required to provide an “effective referral”: They are obliged, on pain of losing their license to practice, to send a troubled patient to a doctor of lighter conscience who will kill that patient.

I’m showing my age by mentioning the Charlton Heston movie Soylent Green (Logan’s Run is another of that time) but it’s almost 100% spot on regarding what we are seeing in Canada…accept for the green food chips or the crystals in the palm though both are also examples of amoral solutions to social issues.

You wonder if what we are seeing is an intellectual elitist solution to the inability of the government to afford and provide the proper palliative care now needed by an aging  populace dependent on socialized medicine.

Source: A “Merciless Assault on Human Dignity” | George Weigel


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