Light from the East for Millennials


The article raised an interesting topic…what did Vatican II say to the Church of the East AND the West?

In light of the article one may ask why are the youth so enamored with tradition?  It was a question posed recently by the Vatican from a position of confusion.  The answer seems simple.  We are all transfixed by the transcendent.  Step into a beautiful basilica or stand in front of a great work of art and you’ll immediately know what I’m talking about.  Music, art, liturgy, and tradition all call us to a higher understanding.

The question is are we going to feed this generation crackers or baked bread.  Can they live on crackers…maybe.  Are crackers easier to provide…yes.  Does baked bread taste better and provide a better experience of eating…no doubt!

If you were feeding your kids which would you provide?

Source: Light from the East for Millennials – and Everyone – The Catholic Thing


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