A case study in communion for the divorced/remarried

“Is Fr. Paul Keller’s essay really the way “Amoris Laetitia” should be read? Keller’s essay illustrates how pastors are going to stumble into accepting the central flaw in AL: implicitly assuming that a Catholic’s assessment of his or her own conscience is the sole criterion governing a minister’s decision to give holy Communion to a member of the faithful.”

This first caught my eye because I thought it might be something about our beloved local priest of the same name….it’s not!  

I then read on because it’s an excellent canonical discussion of a realistic life situation and what advise the priest in question says he would give based on his personal understanding of Amoris Laetitia. 

The article’s author has doctorates in canon and common law plus is pretty sharp with his insights and fairness in regards to the priests advise.  The authors point clearly shows that our seminarians and priest, while doing their best to provide caring and informed guidance, need clarity and direction to help them in the face of the current confusion. 




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