U.S. bishop criticizes Vatican advisor for being part of ‘LGBT lobby…within the church’

Bishop Paprocki is defending his decree banning unrepentant homosexuals from receiving Communion.

The “facts” that Fr Martin is missing and Bishop Paprocki courageously pronounced are the clearly stated teachings of the Church from the Catechism, Canon Law, and authoritative Church doctrines.  This fact is generally never contested.  Usually the argument is these are inconvenient to follow in today’s culture.  That probably why the Apostles were martyred don’t you think?  Do you think our bishops today would be willing to be martyrs for the faith?

The fact that Fr Martin isn’t engaging these teachings directly in his writings and speeches is an indictment on his fulling of his priestly oath of fidelity and proclamation of the Church’s teachings.  Why should we listen to his personal opinions in opposition of Church teaching?

Source: U.S. bishop criticizes Vatican advisor for being part of ‘LGBT lobby…within the church’

Vatican archbishop: Pope Francis opened Communion to adulterers

Pope Francis has called for ‘sacramental integration’ of those in ‘irregular situations,’ he says.

As can be clearly seen by all watching our Church those who desire to reject and change Church teachings are being assigned, by the Pope, to positions of influence or being favored by advancement. This particular group of people are now using opinion and not Church teachings to promote and establish  propaganda in hopes that time and the constant drip of liberal ideas will finally saturate the Church.  It is a try version of the leaven of the Pharisees. (Matt 16:11-12)

Let us remember what our beloved Pope Benedict XVI said to the recently appointed Cardinals that God will win in the end.  Who will visit these scandalous prelates in hopes of turning them from their path? (Numbers 22:21-39)

Source: Vatican archbishop: Pope Francis opened Communion to adulterers

Pope Benedict: A ‘capsizing’ church needs courageous bishops

Strong church leaders must resist ‘the dictatorship of the spirit of the age.’

Another nice article that lists the actions and statements of multiple bishops in one place so you can get better view of what is happening.

Source: Pope Benedict: A ‘capsizing’ church needs courageous bishops

Priest rebukes Vatican archbishop: No, Christian values don’t ‘defend themselves’

‘This is a remarkable statement.’

Let’s pray that Archbishop Paglia reconsiders his words and firm personal beliefs in light of his priestly oath and mission of the Church.  Let’s also pray those who he has selected that clearly stand against the Church’s teaching do have a change of heart and will publically declare that to be the case for without this Paglia is creating public scandal by both his words and actions.

Source: Priest rebukes Vatican archbishop: No, Christian values don’t ‘defend themselves’

Overcoming Diabolical Disorientation with Sign of Cross

Here’s a great video on the importance of the sign of the cross. Let us never be ashamed to sign ourselves in public.

‘Absolutely inconvenient’: Cardinal blasts dubia Cardinals for ‘pressuring’ Pope to clarify

‘I fear those who have rapid, clear answers…in religion,’ says Cardinal Schönborn.

It’s funny that a priest of the Catholic Church doesn’t know the clear answers the Church declares on these issues.  It’s right there in the Canon Law, Catechism, Tradition, and Scripture.  Everyone knows it’s there but we get prelates stating that a clear restatement of the teachings is rigorist.  How odd to take something so clearly stated and defined and teach that it’s not clear. How odd to point to today’s realities and somehow ignore the realities lived by the Apostles that clearly match today’s moral state.

It’s almost as if they are ignoring and rejecting the teachings of the Church.  Can you reject the doctrines of the Church and be in the Church?

Source: ‘Absolutely inconvenient’: Cardinal blasts dubia Cardinals for ‘pressuring’ Pope to clarify

Bishop Paprocki Responds to Fr. Martin

“Father Martin gets a lot Wrong in Those Tweets”.

I can’t help but hear a child trying to defend himself and get his own way in the comments by Fr Martin to the justified decree by the faithful Bishop Paprocki.  If you’ve ever had kids you’ve heard them attempt to argue their way out of an obvious situation by pointing out ever possible issue no matter if it relates or not.

As the bishop rightly points out a bishop, priest and deacon swear an oath to God to uphold canon law and protect and proclaim the Church teachings.  Many are breaking their oath.  We know this results in a milestone. (Matt 18:6-7)

Source: Bishop Paprocki Responds to Fr. Martin (with Video)

Orthophobia and the Marginalized QTBGL Catholic

As I survey the current state of the Catholic Church, I believe I can no longer hold back. It is time for me to come out. I am and have for some time identified as a member of the QTBGL community, and I need to explain why I call myself a QTBGL Catholic.

I’m not one for acronyms but this is a very nice tongue-in-cheek commentary on today’s anti-orthodox attacks and repression tactics.  It highlights the clear fact that those trying to be faithful are in the minority and a remnant Church (Rev 12:17).

Source: Orthophobia and the Marginalized QTBGL Catholic – Crisis Magazine

Cardinal Müller: Benedict XVI was ‘disappointed’ at my removal

The cardinal also said there was a danger of excessive focus on the Pope’s authority.  A type of “scheinheiliges Papstdevotion”, roughly translated as “sanctimonious papolatry” within the Vatican.  Events have made it clear that asking today where we can see collegiality and synodality in the Vatican is like asking where you can find dialog and diversity of opinion within the liberal leftists academia and college campuses.  Not likely.

Source: Cardinal Müller: Benedict XVI was ‘disappointed’ at my removal | CatholicHerald.co.uk

Library : A Letter To The Romans

A Letter To The Romans As newly-appointed Vatican advisor Father James Martin continues his campaign for greater openness to homosexuality in the Catholic Church, Archbishop Chaput steps up to correct the Jesuit priest’s misuse of Catholic teaching.

Take time to read and meditate on the truth Archbishop Chaput shares.  We need to understand that St Paul proclaimed God’s truth  in a culture that would be very familiar to us today and full of the same sins.  He didn’t fear the culture nor should we.

Source: Library : A Letter To The Romans

Farewell to Cardinal Meisner Was Vintage Ratzinger

COMMENTARY: The pope emeritus’ July 11 message reminded all listeners why Benedict XVI remains without literary peer among Catholic preachers and theologians.

Source: Farewell to Cardinal Meisner Was Vintage Ratzinger

The A – Z list of concerns with Pope Francis

The confusion caused by Pope Francis in the Catholic Church is out of control.

It’s often hard to hold in your mind at one time all the confusion caused by our Pope in just the last few years so here’s a list that is clear and concise with many links to examples.

The list is so long you will be surprised at is variety but certain themes appear to show themselves: a consistent effort to silence faithfulness to the Church, truth (both theological and scientific) and doctrine; removal of faithful prelates; liberalization of sex and the person in alignment with cultural trends; and a desire to lead globalization efforts.

The foxes are in a the henhouse and the farmer is asleep or is he?  With his personal support of the man and similar character traits does the Pope see himself as another Martin Luther?  One with enough authority to bend the Church to his will this time?

Source: The A – Z list of concerns with Pope Francis

Pope Francis questioned orthodoxy of Amoris Laetitia

After the exhortation was published, the pontiff asked one of his advisers whether it was in sync with Church teaching.

This is what happens when a leader can’t lead, they find subordinates to do the job.  Think about this for a minute.  Our Pope who admittedly states he isn’t a theologian (which raises the question who actually wrote Amoris Laetitia) asks one subordinate if AL is orthodox.  Shouldn’t that have been the job of the office established to do just that if he was unsure, the CDF?  Shouldn’t he have gotten more input and took more time if he was unsure (this was one of the fastest and largest documents of its kind)? Sounds to me he was looking for a “yes man” to make him feel better. I guess his authoritarian side just wanted to force it down the Church’s throat.

Source: Pope Francis questioned orthodoxy of Amoris Laetitia

Catholic apologist: Inclusivity means ‘everyone is welcome to receive Jesus as King’

‘We don’t get to say we’re part of the kingdom, but we don’t accept His reign in our lives.’

Are we disciples who follow and carry our cross or do we turn away?  (Luke 9:23) Christ as king has been lost to Christ is your buddy.  (1Tim 6:15) We have stripped him of all reverence, authority and majesty in our lives.  We have in effect called for a Barabbas rather than a Christ to follow. (Matt 27:20) Christ hanging on the cross is the consequence of our self-centered choices.  (Isaiah 53:3-5) Remember even the Apostles in heaven prostrate themselves and cast their crowns before Christ the king.  (Rev 4:10-11)

How will Christ return?  As judge and king. (Matt 25:31-46; Rev 19:11-16) Will you be looking for a king or a social worker?

Source: Catholic apologist: Inclusivity means ‘everyone is welcome to receive Jesus as King’

Do Not Be Deceived: Christ Forbids Homosexual Acts, and the Church Cannot Teach Otherwise

“Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that ‘homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.’ They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.” (CCC 2357)

It’s seems science and religion mean nothing today, only opinion. Fantasy is our new preferred reality.  We must be overloaded with video games and fake news because the navel gazers rule.

How about we just talk honestly and commit to believing what the Church teaches if we call ourselves Catholic.  Are we forced to be Catholic?  Can’t we follow another religion that fits our desires?  Are you Catholic because you were baptized Catholic or because you believe and follow what the Catholic Church teaches?  I think you are what you exemplify. A lot of words and opinions mean nothing.  Act the part.

I also think we stop listening to clergy who don’t speak with the declared teachings of the Church.  They too are known by how they uphold or don’t the teachings of the Church.  Someone may call themselves a Catholic priest but it’s self evident they aren’t if they deny by their words and actions its teachings.

At the end of the day all this mess that the Church prelates and media have dumped on the laity are lies and aren’t supported by Church teaching.  Maybe if we just read a little more and knew our faith a little better we would see the lies for what they are.  What a lazy unfaithful lot we are.  Are we better than Sodom?

We know how they ended up or do you think God changed between the Old and New Testament?  Remember the Son and the Holy Spirit have always been with the Father the whole time.

Source: Do Not Be Deceived: Christ Forbids Homosexual Acts, and the Church Cannot Teach Otherwise